OTTO Educational Consulting, LLC

Comprehensive Special Education Advocacy & Consultation for Parents 

 Services Provided

  • Provide support, advice, and consultation to parents of children with educational issues.
  • Conduct a comprehensive file review.
  • Consult with parents and prepare a plan of action/ agenda for all meetings.
  • Review complete educational and related history as well as present             educational program.
  • Observe your child in the school setting.
  • Help to design appropriate educational programs and determine                  needed related services. 
  • Maintain focus on the child first throughout the process.
  • Assist in the development of the IEP or other educational plans.
  • Attend all types of meetings.
  • Review and interpret evaluations.
  • Help to obtain additional resources.
  • Recommend appropriate evaluations as needed.
  • Refer to additional service providers.
  • Help to ensure that the law is being followed.
  • Act as a liaison between parent and school or district.
  • Provide unbiased feedback.
  • Help to locate and supervise a private tutor.
  • Aide in decision making regarding private or residential placement.
  • Help determine when and if Due Process needs to be implemented.

District Coaching, Consultation and/or Liaison

    Carole  provides training and educational coaching to special education and regular education staff to help improve their knowledge and strategies to more professionally implement students' goals and objectives.  

Multi-sensory synthetic phonics and structured decoding, based on Orton-Gillingham /Wilson Reading programs, is one of Carole's many specialities.

Districts sometimes need a third party to function as a liaison between the school staff and the parent/s in complex situations. Carole has exceptional skills in negotiating and communicating with the goal in mind to help design a plan where both parties are satisfied and the student's needs are met

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