OTTO Educational Consulting, LLC

Comprehensive Special Education Advocacy & Consultation for Parents 


 The first step is to discuss your concerns during an initial free 20 minute consultation. If we decide to proceed, the following will occur. 


Legal forms will be sent to you which need to be completed and returned to my office, and the completed Release of Information and Records form needs to be sent to your child's school special education director and/or principal. 


  • Release of Information and Records
  • Financial Agreement : Written contract for services must be completed, signed and returned to me before services can be initiated. 
  • A $350.00 retainer must be included.

In addition:  
  • OTTO Educational Consulting, LLC will provide a template or draft of a letter to your child's school informing them that you have hired me to consult with you and requesting that school records be sent to me at:                                     OTTO Educational Consulting,  LLC.  
                         (address will be provided privately)


OTTO Educational Consulting. LLC will thoroughly review your child's school records and summarize the findings for discussion. 


Next, a face to face meeting will be scheduled to discuss my findings and develop our  "Plan of  Action" together. 


 I prefer to meet your child by observing him or her in their school      setting.  Sometimes a meeting in your home, or at my office works well.  This option will be mutually considered. I also ask that you send me  a picture of your child for my file.

6. BEGIN WORKING TOGETHER to help your child:
I am available by phone and/or email, and attend all meetings as required. I will interface with all school personnel. I provide support and consultation to you, and I advocate for your child. It is best practice for me to meet the educational team working with your child face to face and if possible, to attend all school meetings to provide continuity and full understanding.  However, alternatives can be arranged, if necessary.

                              - Please contact me with any questions -

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