OTTO Educational Consulting, LLC

Comprehensive Special Education Consultation for Parents 

Fees and Payments

  • An initial free consultation of 30 minutes will be provided. 
  • Often this occurs over the phone with an initial conversation.

Hourly Rate

  • An hourly rate of $100.00 will be charged for all additional work such as personal consultation, file review, attendance at meetings, phone conversations, observations, travel to and from meetings, meetings at my office, email and text communications, review of evaluations, develop PPT agendas, summarize PPT decisions, compose letters to special education directors or other necessary professionals,  and time to obtain, screen and supervise private tutors.  

Please note RETAINER FEE: 

  • A retainer fee of $300.00 will be required. Pay by check or use the Paypal button here.
                        Please inform me by email if you select the PayPal option. 
                                        This will be applied to billing as the initial services are provided. 

Financial Agreement

  • A Financial Agreement Form must be signed and returned, and the Retainer Fee must be paid with a check or on PayPal before services can be initiated as listed above.


  •  You will receive a monthly invoice via email each month.  Payment is expected within 30 days unless other arrangements have been discussed.  You can send payment by check to the address listed on your invoice. 

Checks are welcome and preferred,  but if you need to make payment for Invoices through PayPal:  Please note on this web site, I have to have one button for each separate amount.  

From top to bottom:  

$100.00   = 1 hour          

$200.00   = 2 hours

$300.00   = 3 hours      

$400.00   = 4 hours

$500.00   = 5 hours       

$600.00   = 6 hours 

$ 25.00    = .25 hour (1/4 hour) 

$ 50.00    = .5 hour   (1/2 hour) 

$ 75.00    = .75 hour (3/4 hour)       


1 HOUR: 






1/4 HOUR

                1/2 HOUR

                3/4 HOUR

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